The first stage of Human Reproduction is the Formation of the Skeleton of the Fetus. Man is commanded by Allah in the Quran to acquire the knowledge of Human Reproduction.


Quran 86: 5-7

Man should comprehensively study about how he was created (physiology). He was created from a combination of a drop of sperm, proceeding from the man and fertilizing the female egg (fertilization). This stage is followed by Implantation, that is when the embryo moves and hangs on the wall of the womb.


In Quran 96:1-5

Read and learn in the name of our Lord, who created the entire creation. He began the creation of man by implantation and that is, the embryo hangs on the wall of the womb. Read and learn for your Lord is Most Gracious. He has endowed upon man the faculties of understanding. He inspired man with the ability to use the pen for recording purposes. He taught man what he previously did not know.


Quran 23:13-14

We then placed the drop of sperm in a place firmly fixed (womb). Then We caused the sperm to fertilize the female egg for implantation to take place. We developed the human being by providing him with bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then We developed out of it a baby. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!


There are various stages of fetal development in human reproduction. After fertilization, the embryo hangs unto the womb of the mother. The Arabic word “Alaq” means to hang and that is exactly the behaviour or description of Implantation. Some commentators and some scholars translate ‘Alaq’ as clot of blood. In medical terms, clot of blood is an ailment that needs treatment. Clot of blood is contrary to the meaning of ‘Alaq’ in the Quran. It is therefore wrong to attribute the word hang as clot of blood.


Implantation is scientific and it goes with reason, because it conforms to the Arabic meaning of hanging. It is appropriate to render the meaning of the Quran in such a manner that has a scientific backing because, the Author of the Quran is the Creator of science itself. This means that any translation rendered by scholars from the Quran should not contradicts science but rather science should support the Quranic claim.


The first stage of human reproduction is the formation of the skeleton of the fetus, followed by the heart and the veins and the rest of the fetus. The next stage of human development after the formation of skeleton is clothing the skeleton with flesh and skin.