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Posted by admin on June 2, 2009 at 11:49 am in Feature Articles

The Accra Daily News article dated May 20 2009, by Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid Outubu Zaanam, a one time Imam in the Ghana Armed Forces and the spiritual leader of the Salawati Mission of Ghana. Has defiantly stated “during the 2008 elections in Ghana some politicians not only were able to use animals to be slaughtered and sacrificed, but some human beings were buried alive including Albinos, deep in the forests”

This statement from these spiritual leaders including some pastors who had previously predicted the same issues should not be treated just as an ordinary story.
This statement is very disturbing news from some spiritual leaders who have for sometime intercedes on behalf of our dear nation during and after elections through fasting and prayers. Through their interceptions the nations have gone through many elections and other social dilemmas, but God has lifted us from any tribal political violence.

My question is how in the world some idiotic politicians can go to this extent of killing a human being to be sacrifice for voodoo interventions in order for them to have evil spirit powers, to rule a Christian nation like Ghana.

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Apam (C/R), June 15, GNA – Omanhene of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, Obrifo Ahunaku Ahor Ankobea II, has reiterated his call on the government to probe alleged killings of albinos in the country.

In May this year, media reports quoted the head of the Salawati Mission in Ghana, Sheikh Rashid Qutubu Zaanam, as alleging that some politicians buried humans, including albinos, alive in the forests in the quest for votes during the 2008 general election.

The omanhene held that since the report came out about a month ago, Sheikh Zaanam had not come to deny the publication.

Obrifo Ahor Ankobea said he was pursuing the case because of the concern some citizens and non-citizens abroad had shown in the matter. “I have received several calls from them enquiring to know the action the government has taken on the issue,” he stated. He said the allegation had put the country in bad light. “Our democracy has suffered a setback,” adding, “people see our politicians as barbaric people who buried fellow human beings alive to achieve political power.”

He said he was pursuing the matter because there were albinos in his traditional area, whom he must protect. 15 June 09

In the last two years, Muslims have killed their fellow Muslims more than any war of a country against another. Muslims killed each other in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan in Somalia and in other Muslims communities.

If you ask yourself what has gone wrong in these Muslim countries and communities that they kill each other in this absurd manner? What is the basis for this staunch enmity that has manifested itself amongst the Muslims in this way that the realization of peace and unity is highly impossible due to the entrenched position each group has maintained? In whose name would Muslims kill each other? They could not fight and kill each other in the name of Allah, because Allah has forbidden it. Muslims cannot fight and kill each other in the name of the Prophet because he also has condemned that. In other words, Muslims will not fight and kill each other in the name of Islam because Islam says Muslims are brothers to each other and should always maintain the brotherhood. If Muslims should fight and kill each other then the obvious reason for the fighting and killing of each other is simply in the name of worldly gains, no more no less.

A Muslim is he who bears testimony that there is only one God, Allah and in addition bears testimony that the Prophet Muhammad is his messenger. These two testimonies are the first of the five pillars in Islam. In other words a Muslim is he who submits himself totally to the will of Allah and his messenger.

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