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On December 19, 2011, during the occasion of “WHAT THE SCRIPTURES SAY; 2011”, I indicated that our planet is getting more and more unbalance and causing most of the disasters we are experiencing these days. This information was through one of the visions I had about events on our planets. After the occasion many people including academics asked me to explain the vision that our planet is getting more and more unbalance and that there is too much weight on one side. Secondly, I should also explain what I meant by the statement that the situation could be rectified by constructing huge structures such as pyramids below the equator.

The statement that disasters like Earthquakes, Land-slides, Storms and Floods occur frequently are as a result of “something man is doing wrongly on our planet”, this statement is true. Environmentalists have been worrying over this for some time just wanting the whole world to take it seriously.

The Holy Quran says that the earth rotates as a result of the mountains firmly established as pegs which are the positives and the valleys where rivers flow and the level lands, fertile for farming are the negatives. This is made so to create the Balance on earth. Under no circumstances, should the Balance be disturbed unduly after it has been set in order. Nobody has looked at why there are mountains and valleys at certain places and not at other places. This is a well calculated designed and a system to keep the earth evenly balanced on its axis and orbit.  


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May Allah preserve our planet. Tonight, Tuesday is the last night of Wednesday in Safar (Alaakali); and according to the Holy Prophet (SAW), which means it is the night in which all kinds of sicknesses befall the people on earth.


he says: Keep your homes clean. clean all your utencils, cover all your drinking water, keep children indoors, close all doors and windows by mentioning Allah’s name and put off lights throughout the night. (Bukhari 3/1203).