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Albinos destined for Bukruwa in the Eastern Region risk being killed for ritual purposes, warns Nana Agyare Osei Tutu III, Chief of the town.

This is because centuries-old tradition of the small town suggests sacrificing albinos to the gods of the town brings good omen to its indigenes.

Albinism is a health condition in which a person has little or no skin pigment.

The latest revelation follows stories in the media about the murder of albinos in Tanzania for spiritual medicine. Already such reports have sparked international furor.

By Fiifi Koomson



May 21, 2009

Apam (C/R), May 21, GNA – The Omanhene of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, Obrifo Ahunaku Ahor Ankobea II has called for more information on reported albino killings allegedly by some politicians during the 2008 elections.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Obrifo Ankobeah requested that the office of national security should invite Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid Qutubu Zaanam, the Spiritual Leader of the Salawati Mission of Ghana who was reported to have made the allegation.

An Accra Daily on May 20, 2009 quoted Sheikh Zaanam, a one-time Imam in the Ghana Armed Forces as saying “during the elections, not only were animals slaughtered and sacrificed, but some human beings were buried alive, including albinos, deep in the forests.”

The paper also quoted the Imam as saying; “The spirits of these innocent souls that were killed or buried alive will unquestionably haunt the country because they did not die natural deaths.”

The Imam allegedly predicted road accidents and other calamities in the country unless a spiritual atonement was sought.

“Until President John Evans Atta Mills considers having the country exorcised, all his efforts at putting things right will come to nothing,” he said with robustness and confidence, the paper said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Apam on Wednesday, Obrifo Ahor Ankobea described the revelation by the Imam as so serious to be swept under the carpet.

He must be made to assist the security apparatus to identify the perpetrators of the wicked crime for them to face the full rigours of the law.

“As a spiritual leader of a religion, he knows what he was saying,” the Omanhene stated and added that the allegation must be cleared to forestall albinos from living in fears in their own motherland.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A one-time Imam in the Ghana Armed Forces, Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid, has made a scary disclosure about how some politicians in the country buried a number of albinos and children alive, in their quest for political power.

The spirits of these persons, whom he said did not die natural deaths, will continue to haunt this country in the form of road accidents and other calamities unless a spiritual atonement is sought.

“The spirits of these innocent souls that were killed and buried alive will unquestionably haunt the country because they did not die natural deaths,” he said in a statement issued in Tamale.

Sheikh Salawati Imam Rashid Qutubu Zamaan, who is the Spiritual Leader and Head of the Salawati Mission of Ghana, based in Tamale, was the first trained and commissioned Imam/Officer in the Ghana Armed Forces, which he left as a Captain after about a decade’s service.

Until President John Evans Atta Mills considers having the country exorcised, all his efforts at putting things right will come to naught, he said with a certain robustness and confidence.

Albinos in Accra under the aegis of Society of Albinos-Ghana (SOA-G) recently organized a press conference during which they expressed apprehension about their precarious situation in the country, having become ritualistic materials for money and power seekers.

“During the elections, not only were animals slaughtered and sacrificed; but some human beings were buried alive, including albinos, deep in the forests,” Sheikh Rashid said.

The accidents which swept across the country immediately after the 2008 elections were a sign and warning to Ghanaians, he said, adding that “those accidents were not mere accidents but had spiritual connotations and meanings to them.”

That Imam Rashid has made such a revelation about the extent to which politicians can go, adds credence to the apprehension of the pigment-deficient humans, otherwise called ‘ofli gyato’.

In Tanzania, albinos are endangered as they are sought for spiritual interventions by jujumen in the East African country- a trend which appears to be gradually rearing its head on our shores by Imam Rashid’s revelation.

Ghanaian politicians who sought the spiritual interventions, he said, consulted voodoos, mountain and river gods, as well as marine spirits, both in Ghana and outside it, during which they made pledges to the shrines and deities.

“These devilish acts will bring calamities and hardships to the people of this country,” he warned.

His revelations appear to tie in with what a number of Christian clergies have already made about the bloody esoteric engagements by politicians before the last elections.

These men of God have variously attributed the recent road carnages in the country to the spiritual undertakings by some politicians and warned that until a form of exorcism is undertaken, these would continue.

As a result of the aforementioned bizarre deeds, he predicted, “the country will experience a lot of difficulties. Disasters like bloodshed, fire outbreaks, famine, and conflicts will befall the nation, unless we divinely cleanse the country.”

As for the bloodbath on our roads, he made a chilling revelation that they would continue, asking that “the churches, mosques and other religious sects in the country should come together and ensure that the devil does not rule Ghana.”

He expressed surprise that Ghanaian politicians went to the extent of going beyond the extraordinary and making human sacrifices, a development which, he noted, has attracted the ire of God.

“My predictions have always come to pass as evidenced by the spate of road accidents that hit the country claiming hundreds of lives and destroying property,” he said.

In order that the country may realize its dream of attaining the middle income status, there is the need, he said, for the country to spiritually cleanse itself.

He averred that Ghana is a religious country and so her citizens should avoid following the paths of civilizations of yore which rose to fame but fell from the grace of God, and were therefore visited by spiritual calamities.

Imam Rashid is a household name in Tamale, especially among the youth.

Source: Daily Guide

I have watched the films ‘The Arrival’ with keen interest and wish to make the following comments with regards to the said films. In my candid opinion, I think putting together “The Arrival” is one of the greatest service and an all-inclusive reawaking project you have rendered to Islam and the totality of Muslims in this Century.

Firstly, the film is very educative and inspiring and it behooves on every sound minded person to watch these films. It is highly commendable to put together these films that portrayed the realities of what is happening behind the scenes. This is indeed an eye opener to people of the world and more particularly Muslims. My commendations! Bravo!! You have indeed done a great services to Islam by bringing to bear the significant differences between the two concepts Pharaoh verses Moses thus disbelieve verses believe in these films.

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Hamza Lansah Lolly , the statesman news paper 13/05/2009

The Chief Imam and Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission, Sheihu Rashid Qutubu Az-zmaan has urged chiefs and traditional rulers to emulate the exemplary life of the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the King of Ashantis, saying the Kings leadership qualities is worthy of emulation.

According to him, the chieftaincy institution should be seen as a work force of unity, peace and development and not the other way round, where conflicts have engulf the chieftaincy institution.

“This, the Ashantihene has demonstrated to the whole world that the Chieftaincy Institution is about development and progress of the people”.
He therefore commended the Ashanti King for his leadership role in developing his people in oneness and greatness.

Sheihu Imam Rashid Qutubu, again hailed the Otumfuo for the outstanding role he played in conflict resolution and his pursuit of a permanent peace and solution to the Dagbon crisis.

The spiritual leader who made this commendations in Tamale, after visiting the 10th year anniversary of the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II in Kumasi, stated: “I therefore use this occasion, that attracted international patronage, to say that the beautiful chieftaincy institution is coming from Ghana itself; and I humbly appeal to the government of Professor Atta Mills to have the courage of the Otumfuo to bring about permanent peace in this country as the King of Ashanti has exhibited”.

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