Quran 24: 35-36

Allah formed the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is to put in place a Niche and within it a Lamp. The Lamp is enclosed in a glass. The glass will lit as a brilliant star. The light will lit from Poles of blessed Olive Tree. The Light neither comes from the East nor of the West of the Earth. It is well luminous, though fire does not ignite it. Light upon Light! Allah do set forth Parables for men to reflect and Allah knows all things.


Lit such lights in houses, which Allah has permitted to be raised on the ceiling. So as to celebrate and honour His name in those houses that has electricity. He is ever glorified in the mornings and in the evenings.



Allah has put in place electricity as a form of light in the universe and on our planet. To get an electric light in your house you have to put in place the ‘niche’ of a lamp-holder. The lamp, which is the form of a bulb or a florescent tube, is covered by glass. They are all covered by glasses of a kind. The lamp-holder should have wires stretching to the source of the electricity.


There should be wires fixed on poles of trees like the olive poles or any tree pole to the source of the light. Then you put on a switch for the purpose of putting on and off of the light. The poles should carry the source of light with wires and the lamp-holders should be put on the ceilings with the bulb fixed to it. When you put on the switch, the light comes on without igniting it by fire. If our homes are litted with the electric lights this way, we will celebrate and honour the Creators name continuously by day and night.


The Quran is very explicit on this subject that ascribes that electricity comes from the two poles of the earth and that electricity is produced neither from the East nor West. In other words electricity is not obtained by the rotation of the earth on its axis and evolving around the sun. It is however obtained from the points that do not rotate but moves at a stationary spinning way when the earth rotates on its axis and evolves around the sun, and that is the phenomenon of the two poles; the North and the South poles.


Wire has many usages in modern technology and in our homes. Wire is a flexible metal filament that has a uniform cross section. The metals used to manufacture wires are mainly brass, copper, steel, iron, etc.