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Islam is a DEEN. Deen means a total way of life. Religion in reality falls short of the exact meaning of Deen. A Muslim upon waking up from bed has all the guides for his/her daily transactions and interactions with his/her family, his/her co-workers and the rest of humanity; be it in the workplace, in the buses and also among neighbours. All the guidance he needs are spelt out for him to emulate until he or she goes back to bed; that is called Deen in a lesser sense.

Islam is a triangular system. The Creator, yourself, the rest of humanity and back to the Creator. When one submits oneself to the Creator in Islam, one is reconnected with Him. That is when worship comes in. So one of the lines from the Creator to the Muslim is drawn. The second line is from the Muslim to the rest of humanity. His/her interaction with them comes from the Creator. With this interaction the line of the second angle is completed. Now the third line is drawn between the individual and his/her Creator. That is he/she is also reconnected with his Creator. His/her interaction with the rest of humanity also comes from the Creator. Supposedly all these people are Muslims, they will be taking their instructions from their Creator and thus the Triangular System is completed.


Now since Islam is a Deen and all Muslims take instructions from the Creator and His Messenger, Islam is bound to bring about universal peace and tranquillity and the peaceful co-existence with the rest of humanity. This is the reason why Islam itself means peace.

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Quran 24: 35-36

Allah formed the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is to put in place a Niche and within it a Lamp. The Lamp is enclosed in a glass. The glass will lit as a brilliant star. The light will lit from Poles of blessed Olive Tree. The Light neither comes from the East nor of the West of the Earth. It is well luminous, though fire does not ignite it. Light upon Light! Allah do set forth Parables for men to reflect and Allah knows all things.


Lit such lights in houses, which Allah has permitted to be raised on the ceiling. So as to celebrate and honour His name in those houses that has electricity. He is ever glorified in the mornings and in the evenings.

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The first stage of Human Reproduction is the Formation of the Skeleton of the Fetus. Man is commanded by Allah in the Quran to acquire the knowledge of Human Reproduction.


Quran 86: 5-7

Man should comprehensively study about how he was created (physiology). He was created from a combination of a drop of sperm, proceeding from the man and fertilizing the female egg (fertilization). This stage is followed by Implantation, that is when the embryo moves and hangs on the wall of the womb.


In Quran 96:1-5

Read and learn in the name of our Lord, who created the entire creation. He began the creation of man by implantation and that is, the embryo hangs on the wall of the womb. Read and learn for your Lord is Most Gracious. He has endowed upon man the faculties of understanding. He inspired man with the ability to use the pen for recording purposes. He taught man what he previously did not know.


Quran 23:13-14

We then placed the drop of sperm in a place firmly fixed (womb). Then We caused the sperm to fertilize the female egg for implantation to take place. We developed the human being by providing him with bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then We developed out of it a baby. So blessed be Allah, the Best to create!


There are various stages of fetal development in human reproduction. After fertilization, the embryo hangs unto the womb of the mother. The Arabic word “Alaq” means to hang and that is exactly the behaviour or description of Implantation. Some commentators and some scholars translate ‘Alaq’ as clot of blood. In medical terms, clot of blood is an ailment that needs treatment. Clot of blood is contrary to the meaning of ‘Alaq’ in the Quran. It is therefore wrong to attribute the word hang as clot of blood.


Implantation is scientific and it goes with reason, because it conforms to the Arabic meaning of hanging. It is appropriate to render the meaning of the Quran in such a manner that has a scientific backing because, the Author of the Quran is the Creator of science itself. This means that any translation rendered by scholars from the Quran should not contradicts science but rather science should support the Quranic claim.


The first stage of human reproduction is the formation of the skeleton of the fetus, followed by the heart and the veins and the rest of the fetus. The next stage of human development after the formation of skeleton is clothing the skeleton with flesh and skin.

Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him and his household) was born on the 12th of the Lunar month of Rabi’al Awal. Most Muslims throughout the world would be commemorating his birthday.

The Prophet (SAW) was born in the year called Aam ul-Fill, meaning the year of the Elephant. It was called the year of the Elephant because of the uprising of Abraha; the then Governor of Yemen who intended to destroy the Kaaba. He intended to destroy it in order that Arabs would have no alternative but to join him in his way of worshipping.

The Kaaba was not only a symbol of unity among the Arabs in worshipping but also gave them security from Allah wherever they went for the sake of the Kaaba

Abraha and his army of foot soldiers and the Calvary of elephants were rather destroyed. The significance of this destruction of Abraha and his army, leaving the Kaaba intact was to bring an end to hostilities in the world if certain virtues were to be followed with the birth of the Holy Prophet, unfortunately they did not heed to those virtues.

Read the following carefully:

In the Divine hadith (Hadith Qudsi), Allah said through His Prophet (SAW), “O My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another. O My servants, all of you are astray except for those I have guided, so seek guidance of Me and I shall guide you, O My servants, all of you are hungry except for those I have fed, so seek food of Me and I shall feed you. O My servants, all of you are naked except for those I have clothed, so seek clothing of Me and I shall clothe you. O My servants, you sin by night and by day, and I forgive all sins, so seek forgiveness of Me and I shall forgive you.”

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Thursday 8th January 2009

1. Abundant Rainfall, Thunderstorms, Strong Winds and Flooding.
2. Wild Fires in some Countries
3. Some Old States-Men Will Lose Their Lives
4. Many of the Youth Will Loose their Lives
5. Bomb Attacks on Civilian and Innocent Targets in some Country
6. Good Farm Yields and Good Harvest
7. Business will Flourish Worldwide
8. Job Opportunities in many Countries
9. New Discoveries and Inventions
10. Religious Tolerance and Grouth.

1. The Recitation of the Quran 160 times.
2. 7 white cows and 7 red cows to be slaughtered and to feed the poor all over nation.
3. $700,000 to be given to the needy as alms

1. The Recitation of the Quran 34 times
2.3 white cows, 10 white sheep and 3 red (brown) sheep to be slaughtered and to feed the poor in their domain.
3. $ 3,000 should be given to the needy as alms

1. 7 Bowls of grains for family heads and 3 bowls for individuals to be given to the poor.
2. 13 Ghana Cedis for each family head and 3 Ghana Cedis for each individual to be given to the poor.
3. Family heads to cloth 3 poor people. Individuals to get 3 yards of white material to be given out as alms.




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The spiritual leader and chief Imam of Salawatiya mission Sheik Imam Rashid Kutubu has said that America has woken-up to the truth and set a precedence for the world to follow. 

“After Colin Powell served as the commander in chief of the United State Army, Condollesa Rice, secretary of state and some exception feast set by Martin Luther King Junior and other blackmen, America is rest assured that, a blackman will transform this present world into a mini paradise.” 

Sheik Imam Rashid wrote this in a book titled: our African Identity which he authored in the year 2005. Our African identity asserts to historical and archaeological findings, that point to the fact that the blackman has presided over most human civilization including present day twenty first century technology and development. 

Recounting some great kingdoms and kings some two thousand five hundred years ago, from the Nubian king of Africa, Hanibal the conqueror to present time King Sallasie, the first of Ethiopia, President Nkrumah of Ghana and others, “Our black identity” concludes on the note that a blackman is set to lead the world into peace and prosperity. 

In an interview with Diamond Fm, Imam Rashid currently on a research tour in England, in connection with the writing following these prophesies, it come as no surprise to him when a blackman in the person of Barrack  Husein Obama assuming the presidency in America. 

There is no gainsaying that, the blackman is especially warm, hospitable and religious and these are bound to reflect in the new leadership. 

“I am embarking on this research tour to find an accurate result of what can be done to save mankind from the dangers of Bermuda triangle, which has cause havoc to humanity. I promise to leave that legacy before I die,” he said. 

Noted for his spiritual powers and prophesies, he prophesized again that, the year 2009 will record a lot of deaths, among leaders including politicians, religious leaders, chiefs among others and that, there will be fire outbreaks as well as wind storms in most parts of the world.

Imam Rashid also a peace activist, reiterated the need for peace and unity in Ghana, and therefore made a passionate appeal to the youth to eschew their differences and rather fight against poverty, illiteracy, corruption and laziness, which he sees to be the stumbling block of the country’s prosperity.    




Author: thestatesmanonline – The Statesman
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008


The spiritual leader and Imam of the Tijaniya Community in Ghana, Sheik Kutubu Imam Abdul Rashid has called on the presidential candidates and their supporters to avoid politics of insults and vindictiveness, but rather tell Ghanaians what they have done and what they can do if they come to power.

He said campaigning on issues and policies should be the blue print of all the political parties in this year’s election and not politics of lies and half truths.

He commended the New Patriotic Party’s presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for taking on the issues and policies in his campaign, and described the NPP flagbearer as a wise politician who have turned the pattern of lies and insults of the Ghanaian politicking to campaign of issues and policies.

Sheik Kutubu Imam Abdul Rashid called on Ghanaians to reject politicians who preach violence and meanness, saying “this is the only way they can stand up to the issues bothering the country’s economy”.

The spiritual leader who was speaking to newsmen in Tamale, said the country cannot afford to loss its enviable title of being the beacon of peace and stability on the Africa continent.

He stressed that politicians and political parties must be at the forefront in deepening and consolidating the country’s democracy and political discourse.

He said though the country’s spiritual leaders will continue to prayer, especially in this election year, politicians have a major role to play in ensuring that there is peace during and after the December elections.

Sheik Kutubu Imam Abdul Rashid bemoaned the tag on Muslims and the Zongo communities as violent people, attributing it to ignorance and the high rate of illiteracy among the Muslim and Zongo communities.

He hinted that politicians will continue to use the Muslim youth and the Zongo communities to perpetrate act of violence and mayhem, if the illiteracy rate does not change.

He said illiteracy and ignorance has brought untold hardships to the Muslim communities, who are lagging behind in all aspects of endeavours, adding that this has made it impossible for any meaningful development to take place in the Muslim and Zongo communities.

The Spiritual leader commended Muslim scholars and charged them to create more avenues for the development of the Muslim and Zongo Communities.



Sheik Imam Rashid Kutubu, spiritual leader and Chief Imam of the Salawatia Movement in Tamale, has commended Ghanaians for the maturity exhibited before, during and after the December parliamentary and presidential elections in the country.

He stressed that, the country democratic dispensation has come of age and congratulated the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential Candidate Nana Akufo Addo for accepting defeat. “For this I thank the NPP and Ghanaians in general for showing Africa and the whole world at that Africans can organize peaceful elections no matter the outcome” he said.

 Speaking at a thanksgiving service in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital, Imam Rashid praised Allah for consolidating Ghana’s democracy which he noted is the beacon of hope for the African Continent and the world at large.

 Noted for his spiritual powers and prophesies, the Islamic Scholar who is also a human rights and a peace activist as well as an author has once prophesized in one of his books “the African Identity “ that a black African will lead the United States of America in the 21st century. True to his prophesy America is now led by Barrack Hussein Obama an African American.

He emphasized that, the world will be a mini paradise if all and sundry see each other as one people with one common destiny, saying that, no land can be developed in the midst of wickedness and mischief. “We can only develop in pity, love and understanding and tolerating one another. We should also put the fear of God in our hearts”, he told hundreds of worshipers at the service

 Imam Rashid prophesizes that, this year will record a lot of deaths among leaders including, politicians, religious leaders, chiefs among others and there will be fire outbreaks in the country and wind storm in many parts of the world.   

He however, urged religious leaders to organize special prayers to avert such calamities in the country and around the world, saying there is nothing God Almighty cannot do for his servant.

The Islamic Scholar as the service cautioned the youth about the dangers of life and made a passionate appealed to them not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to cause havoc to their follow brothers and sisters.

He urged the youth to pursue their dreams with love and passion in the name of Allah, “For Allah knows everything of yours, just give praises to him and your dreams will come true” he added.

 The Spiritual Leader prayed for the people of Ghana , the world leaders and congratulated President Attah Mills and the American President Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama.

Hamza Lansah Lolly



The Tijaaniya Muslim sect in Tamale has congratulated President Barrack Hussein Obama on his successful inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America.

The organization also commended the good people of the United States of America for electing a Blackman as their leader who the entire world looks up to contribute to the realization of peace on earth.

In a statement by Sheikh Imam Hussein Rashid, a spiritual leader of the Tijaaniya Muslim sect in Tamale dubbed, “A message of peace to the world,” stated that President Obama’s elevation to that high office has prophesized that the USA had woken up to the truth which is an indication that America has set a positive precedence for the rest of the world to follow.

Sheikh Imam Rashid stated that the prophecy of the exaltation of the Blackman in global affairs was enshrined in the philosophy of the Tijaaniya faith which he conveyed in a book he authored in the year 2005 under the title, “The African identity.”

According to him, it was further captured in the book that not too long from that time, a Blackman would be given the opportunity to lead the world through  transparent and democratic means which he indicated had manifested in Barrack Obama’s Presidency.

Sheikh Imam Rashid however advised President Obama to see himself as an intergenerational world leader who Allah has chosen above all imaginations to transform the world into a mini paradise.

He thereby urged President Obama to live in peace with all nations of the world by discarding squandering of resources for global conflicts and also create a better understanding between the USA and all races of the world.

The Tijaniya sect had earlier observed prayer and fasting sessions and as well fed three hundred and thirteen Orphans in the Tamale Metropolis during the period of Ramadan for peaceful elections in Ghana .