Sheihu SalawatiaI was born in 1950 Ta male, Ghana. I had my formal education as well as Islamic education in Ghana.

I furthered my education at the University of Algeria where I studied Islam
and Arabic. From there I engaged in Islamic Dawa (Propagation), activities.
I traveled to London and became briefly the Imam of Wimberley Mosque
and Brixton Mosque respectively.

I come back to Ghana and opened a herbal clinic, nursery, primary school and
Junior high school which I am the proprietor.
I have written several books in Arabic and English languages
some of which are Quranology, Mansa Musah, Who is the best Christian,
The Established Truth (Arabic), The Established Truth Has Come (Arabic)
Profound Knowledge (Arabic) and now Our African Identity. In 2003 I was
made the Sheihu of Salawatiya at Rahamatullahi at Burkina Faso by Sheihu
Abubakari Maiga as a sheihu in the
Tijaniyya .

Books written

1. Mansa Musah 1987
2. Quranology 1986
3. Who is the best Christian 1989
4. The Established Truth 1994
5. Profound Knowledge 1996
6. The Truth Has Come 2004
7. Our African Identity 2005
8. Tariqah for Gold-Yet to be Published
9. The Three Odd Angles of the Bermuda Triangle – Yet to be published
10. The Living Good Foods- Yet to be Published

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