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By the Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission of Ghana, Sheihu Husain Rashid Salwat.


I bear testimony that there is none worthy of worship but Allah. I also bear testimony that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the Messenger of Allah. May the Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him and his household. I greet you with the Islamic greetings of peace and tranquility specially meant for people like you who have successfully gone through the ordeal of fasting, for a duration of a period of one full month of the Lunar moon of Ramadan.

We are indeed very grateful to the Almighty Allah for providing us with His divine guidance, support and sustenance throughout the period of the month of fasting. May He accept all our supplications and forgive us our omissions and commissions. May He reward us with all the Blessings of Ramadan.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, let us count ourselves lucky, for we have indeed ably demonstrated to the whole world that we accept and uphold the Orders of the Almighty Allah by applying ourselves to His will. He said in the Quran; “Oh you who believe, Fasting is prescribed to you just as it was prescribed to the earlier generations before you, that you may learn self-restraint and enhance God-fearing.”

Fellow Muslims, the core message of this year’s Eid ul-Fitr are as follows:

1 – Obedience to Allah. Islam commands obedience to Allah, unity and co-operation among Muslims and prohibits disunity. It is stated in the Holy Quran that “Hold fast to the Deen of Allah in unity and do not disintegrate.” It is also stated generally that “United we stand, divided we fall”. Let us be reminded that a disunited body is a disorganized society that can never have a bearing on direction. Read the rest of this entry »