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As a universal peace advocate and someone who seeks for universal peace and being an advocate for Islamic Brotherhood/Sisterhood being someone who believes that sectarism is not only uncalled for but also strictly un-Islamic, and somebody who strongly persuades people to compromise their entrenched believes for the sake of Islamic Unity, it is most appropriate for me to call the attention of all Muslims in the world, concerning the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan and also the sighting of a new moon of Shawaal which marks the end of Ramadan.

It appears that it is now a tradition that Muslim scholars and custodians of Islam, have now relaxed concerning the subject of sighting the new moon of Ramadan. We only hear them say “If the new moon is sighted please call these numbers”. Whereas their statement should have been “when we sight the moon”. This presupposed that, the sighting of the moon is the responsibility of only some group of Muslims and not all Muslims, which indeed is very unfortunate.

The sighting of the new moon of Ramadan to commerce the fasting should not be compromised. Every Muslim should make a concerted effort to sight the moon. There are always two days interval between those who say the moon was sighted somewhere and those who actually sight the moon.

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 The Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission in GhanaSheihu Salawatia, Imam Rashid, Qutub Az-Zamaan.

 If you do not have an objective mind, and you are prejudiced towards religion especially the Deen of Islam, it would be extremely difficult for you to see reason in this write-up. None of the Daily News Papers would like to publish it.

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the lord.” (Romans: 12:19)

From the above Biblical quotation, it is clear that God frowns upon vengeance. Indeed the Quran in 3:159 is equally explicit on the need for mankind to forgive one another. Allah says; “It saw part of the Mercy of Allah that you were lenient towards them. Were you severe or harsh-hearted, they would have dispersed from round you. So pass over their faults, and ask Allah to forgive them; and consult them in affairs of the moment. Then, when you collectively take a decision, put your trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.”

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From Wise Donkor, Aflao

The Body of a 15-year-old chop bar attendant, Lawoe Pillarboney, has been found in an uncompleted building at Mifetukope-Viepe, a suburb of Aflao with her throat deeply slit with an instrument suspected to be a knife.

The girl was reported to have left home last Friday at about 4.00pm and did not return until her body was found on Saturday morning naked and lying in pool of blood with some more blood oozing out of the cut throat and through the vagina.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Two young girls have been found dead under suspicious circumstances at two different locations of the country with their vital parts missing.

The two girls, Akua Nyamekye, 18, and Lawoe Pillarboney, 15, were killed at Baakokrom, near Sefwi Bekwai in the Western Region and Aflao in the Volta Region respectively.

Akua Nyamekye, a Senior High School drop-out, was gruesomely murdered on a farmland at Baakokrom near Sefwi Bekwai for what some shock-stricken residents considered sakawa rituals.

Sadly, Akua Nyamekye’s four-month-old baby who was on the farm with her when she was murdered, also died of pneumonia after being beaten by the rain.

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Fixing the economy MILLS TURNS TO PASTORS FOR SUCCOUR … Pleads for incessant prayers to turn things round

President John Evans Atta Mills has confessed that the current economic conditions in the country is not as smooth as was expected by his government, and called on religious bodies to pray constantly for government to come up with solutions to the problems confronting the nation.

The President acknowledged the positive role played by the church in the 2008 general elections which peacefully brought the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to power and urged the church not to relent on their prayers to help change the economic difficulties confronting the country, because “things are not going the way we thought it would”.

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August 10, 2009

BEIJING, China (CNN) — A mudslide triggered by torrential rains may have buried up to 800 villagers in southern Taiwan, media reports said Monday, as the country counted the cost of its worst flooding in decades.


The death toll so far in Taiwan stands at 15, with 55 missing and 32 hurt, since Typhoon Morakot struck the island Friday and remained in the area over the weekend before crashing into eastern China, state-run China Daily reported.

 Rescuers using military helicopters managed to pluck more than 100 people to safety in the village of Hsiao Lin, as rains washed out roads and bridges in Kaohsiung County, severing all land vehicle traffic, Taiwan’s Central News Agency said.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ALL ROADS at Tsito in the Volta Region led to the old Commercial Bank Square, when news broke in the early hours of yesterday that a coffin supposedly stuffed with money has been dumped along the road in that part of town by some unknown “sakawa” boys.

Fast-spreading rumours that the money-stuffed coffin might have been dumped from a moving vehicle by some “sakawa” boys the previous night, perhaps, as a police patrol team was gaining in on them, gave birth to total pandemonium, as inhabitants, both young and old, as well as passengers on board vehicles plying that route, besieged the area, with some of residents carrying bags and other containers, ostensibly to collect their share of the “sakawa” booty.
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Before the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) migration to Madina, the city was a quarrelsome and trouble place. The present Muslim situation of disunity among themselves and the numerous sects that has characterized Islam is not different from what the people of Madina exhibited between themselves. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) immediately solved the problem of disunity among the Muslims and fostered the universal brotherhood/sisterhood as already seen in part one. After that, Madina became the City of an unmatched Brotherhood/Sisterhood in the world. 

The ideal Muslim Brotherhood/sisterhood is conflict free and they are strongly united. The Brotherhood/sisterhood and unity in Islam assures the Muslim Community of happiness, freedom from doubts and very strong and prosperous community. This is because it invites all of humanity to that which is good. And insists that the right things are done whilst forbiding wrongdoing. This ideal situation guarantees a total attainment of happiness in this world and a successful return to the next. Failure, misery and anguish are completely absent where the Muslim Brotherhood/sisterhood exists. Read the rest of this entry »