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I will also inform and brief you about my Preachings and other proceedings. God Bless you.


In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful



We give thanks and praises to Allah, the Almighty, the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe. We pray for perpetual peace and blessings to be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Progeny.

I wish to extend my heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all for the year 2014. I also thank the Al-Mighty Allah for the blessings and protection bestowed on us for the past year.

I just completed a period of seclusion and have decided that in the best interest of mankind, I would not make public or reveal the contents of the unfolded scriptures, for the calendar events for the 2014 year. However, I am posting below the Sadaqah of the year for family heads and individuals.

Family Heads

  1. 1 Full recital of the Quran
  2. Slaughter a ram of mixed colour
  3. GHC 50.00
  4. 9 Bowls of any grain to be given to the poor


  1. GHC 14.00 (Fourteen Ghana Cedis)
  2. One (1) bowl of any grain; Put together and give to the poor.

I pray for guidance, blessing and protection for all.

Wassallam. Thanks.



The world has experienced more than Two Thousand incidents mentioned by the Scriptures that was unfolded in 2013 year. We are providing here about 260 of them.


There will be lots of storms, hurricanes and tornados this year in the continents of Asia and Australia. Places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Southern India and South Eastern China especially will be most affected.

There will be lot of rain and these will be torrential downpours. Half of Taiwan will be lost to the sea if serious care is not taken. The situation will cause a lot of destruction in some areas. However, some areas will realize beneficial rainfall that will promote food production and that will subsequently lead to food security.

  • 14      September, 2013. Boulder, Colorado (CNN) —      “Mother Nature is not cooperating. “That was the message Sunday from      frustrated authorities battling even more bad weather in flood-hit      Colorado. Heavy clouds and rain grounded helicopters, slowing the search      for the nearly 500 people who remain unaccounted for. Authorities fear as      many as six may be dead.


  • June 7, 2013      (CNN) — Tropical Storm Andrea is expected to drench the East Coast with      heavy rains Friday as its strength weakens.

Source:     andrea/index.html?hpt=hp_t3


  • 24 June, 2013. (CNN) — Indian authorities scrambled to rescue thousands of people trapped after floods and landslides ravaged the Himalayan region, leaving up to 1,000 feared dead. The exact number of those killed will not be clear until the muddy waters are cleaned up and the bodies recovered, said Vijay Bahuguna, the chief minister of Uttarakhand state, which is the worst-hit.
  • 23 September, 2013. (CNN) — At least 25 people have died after Typhoon Usagi slammed into the coast of southern China, state media reported Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

In the name of Allah the beneficent, the Merciful


By the Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission of Ghana,

Sheihu Rashid Hussain Salwat (QUTUB AZ-ZAMAAN)


All praise is due to Allah and I send my heartfelt Salat of Peace and Blessings to be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his household. I take this opportunity on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha to once again send my sincere greetings to the Muslim Ummah in Ghana and the people of the Northern Regions in general and the Salawatia Community in particularly.


The subject of my Sermon on this occasion of Eid-ul-Adha is centred on the importance of the Quran the Holy Book of Islam as the Ultimate guide for mankind. The Almighty Allah (SWT) in several Quranic injunctions has praised the book in many different ways. It has been described as the book of Truth, the criterion, an inspiration and a book for all times: yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is indeed a book that scientist, oceanographers, economist, ecologist, sociologist, poets, pharmacologist, hospitals, industry, astronomy, arts, social science and humanities and all disciplines under the sun have benefitted from and shall continue to benefit from it till the end of time. The Quran is not only a blessing to Mankind but a special blessing to the Ummah of the Holy Muhammad (SAW) – The Muslims.


However, the Muslims are the least beneficiaries of the blessings of the Quran. It begs to ask a simple question, why is it that a people upon whom a blessed book is revealed are the least beneficiaries of the blessings of that book? Some of the possible answers to this question could be that Muslims are not aware of the blessings or Muslims have ignored the guidance of the Quran and doing what they deem fit. I would like to water down the first one and stand firm for the second answer for these reasons. In Sura Israel, Allah (SWT): (Q17:70).

We have honoured the sons of Adam; provided them with Transport on land and at Sea; Given them the best and pure Sustenance and conferred on them special favours above a great part of Our creation.

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We give thanks and praises to God, the Almighty, the Creator and the Sustainer, We pray for perpetual peace and blessings to be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his holy Progeny.

The philosophy of Salawatia Muslim Mission of Ghana is based solely on the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Salawatia Mission is Tijaniyya by orientation. The Tijaniyya Order teachings are also solely based upon the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which amongst other things, are self-restraint, patience, tolerance and peaceful co-existence with other people no matter their race, tribe, color, and political affiliations. It teaches the participation in community development. It is based on these Nobel teachings that the Mission embarks upon the promotion of peace in Ghana and in the whole world at large.

The Tijaniyya Order emphatically teaches that the ONLY way to achieve Faith and Outstanding Belief in Allah (SWT) is; “To love for your brother what you love for yourself.” Thus, the Universal Peace Order. So based on these virtues and profound wisdom taking into consideration the numerous conflicts both locally and internationally, Salawatia Mission has no option but to contribute its quota to the promotion of World Peace.


The Islamic concept of the Unfolding of the Scriptures, which means “Ayamul-Lah” or “Days of Allah”, was one of the mysteries of Knowledge conferred on man by God. In His infinite knowledge, He taught man by the pen and taught him what he did not know (Q 96:1-5). Among the mystic meaning of Knowledge is the Islamic concept of Unfolding of the Scriptures which is as old as time itself. The Quran attests to this in Chapter 45 verse 15: that says “Tell those who believe, to forgive those who do not believe in the Days of Allah; it is His responsibility to reward each People according to his deeds.”

Also in Quran 14:15 Allah says “We sent Musah (AS) with our signs commanding him to “bring out his people from the depth of ignorance into the light of knowledge, and to also teach them to remember the “Days of Allah”. Verily, in the concept of the “Days of Allah,” (Unfolding the Scriptures), there are signs for those who are steadfast and grateful”.

In a narration of Muslim, and on the authority of Ubaiyi, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) explained “Ayaamul-Lah” or “Days of Allah” to mean that, “Allah’s Days are some days of fortunes in the year and that some others are of misfortunes”, (Muslim, Book of Fadaail, Hadith No. 4386). In most cases, solutions are prescribed to curb and prevent the misfortunes not to occur, and the fortune days enhanced; hence the unfolding of the scriptures to serve as a guidance for this year, 2013.



There will be lot of rain and these will be torrential downpours. Half of Taiwan will be lost to the sea if serious care is not taken. The situation will cause a lot of destruction in some areas. However, some areas will realize beneficial rainfall that will promote food production and that will subsequently lead to food security.

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Human errors as well as natural disasters are bound to occur but we as humans failed to comprehend and pay attention to the warnings of the Almighty. Until human beings begin to realized and believe the reality of the unveiling scriptures, we will know no peace. If humans learn to obey and pay comprehensive attention to the unveiling scriptures of Allah, the earth will be like a pre-heaven.  What we failed to see and realized is that, there is nothing like accident, everything is well plan by the Almighty, anything disaster is as a result of the cause of human disobeying the natural’s laws of the Almighty Allah. Yet, the Almighty has overlook this unlawful nature of mankind, He still do not want His creatures to suffer the consequences of their misdeeds and   of but it doesn’t mean there is no solution.

There has been wide spread of violence, natural disasters and so forth, across the length and breadth of the universe. Disasters like earthquakes, air disaster, and Sea disaster are so common these days. The question I ask is why are these disasters so rampant these days? What can we do to curb these happenings?




Most countries will face serious economic difficulties. The socio-economic policies of the world need to be reviewed and should be aimed at empowering the masses by promoting the well-being of the youth. Much effort should therefore be made to get the unemployed youth employed in order to curb future global economic crises.

  • The World Bank has warned the international community to brace for slow growth and economic challenges in 2012, as the International Monetary Fund said it would seek an additional $500bn in lending resources to help mitigate the worsening financial crisis.

In a report issued late on Tuesday, the Washington-based bank substantially cut its forecasts for growth in both developed and poorer nations in its twice-yearly report, issued late on Tuesday. “Europe appears to have entered recession, and growth in several major developing countries [Brazil, India and to a lesser extent Russia, South Africa and Turkey] has slowed,” the bank said as it updated forecasts made last June.

It predicted the global economy will expand by 2.5 per cent in 2012 and by 3.1 per cent in 2013, well behind the 3.6 per cent growth for each year that the bank had projected in June. Read the rest of this entry »

Published on Tuesday, 04 September 2012 11:51

Written by Mohammed Ibrahim

The Head of Salawatiyya Mosque in Tamale, Sheihu Salawatiyya Rashid Hussain has dismissed media reports that he was the brain behind the attack on the Ambariya Mosque on 20 August 2012 at the time of congregational prayers.

Sheihu Salawatiyya who is an Islamic spiritual scholar stated that by his training and stature, he will be the last person to attack a fellow Muslim and a mosque which he said is the house of Allah and described speculations and remours about his involvement on the unfortunate incident as false and fabrications to taint his hard won reputation.

Addressing a news conference in Tamale, Sheihu Salawatiyya stressed that the Tijania Muslims sect in Ghana for the past 40 years have been under attack and that the Tijania Muslim sect will continue to remain peaceful in Tamale and the country as a whole.

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By the Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission of Ghana, Sheihu Hussain Rashid Salwat


We praise and thank Allah (SWT) for giving us this great opportunity and is that He has bestowed on us good health and felicity and made provision for us to start and end the Ramadan with His Name. We thank Him for this golden opportunity and continue to thank Him for all the blessings He has bestowed on us. I send my sincere Salaats and heartfelt salutations upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Household. May Allah (SWT) bless them abundantly.

I start this sermon by advising myself and the entire Muslims Ummah not to quickly say goodbye to Ramadan 2012 as there are lots of lessons that we need to reflect over. Why should we immediately allow the essence of Ramadan to evaporate so quickly? I would like to remind you about some important things majority of Muslims did during the full month of fasting, a prescribed act of worship, which seeks to train the individual and the Muslim community as a whole, in Righteousness and Self-restraint.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, in order to achieve Righteousness and Self-restraint, the Muslim undergoes developmental stages in his life time and every Muslim should strive hard to develop his or herself to that highest stage, the stage of Righteousness and Self-restraint. Allah (SWT) has appointed Man as His Khalifah (vicegerent) in this world. He has invested in him with certain authority, and given him certain responsibilities and obligations. Allah (SWT) has endowed him with the best and most suitable physical frame for the fulfilment of the responsibilities and obligations. Fortunely, the Holy Quran mentions the three stages of journey the Soul should undergo.

1. The passionate and addicted Soul; “Nafs ul-Ammaara bisu’i”.  This stage is characterized by the individual giving precedence to his or her desires over the Truth. This is the elementary stage of Islam.

2. The self-accusing Soul. “Nafs ul-Lawwamah“. This is the stage where the soul has understood and accepted that it has no way to salvation except through absolute obedience to Allah and abiding by the principles of Islam. However, it is lacking in either strength of conviction, fighting constantly (spiritual jihad you may say) against the tides of desire and doubt.

3. The content Soul. “Nafs ul-Mutma’innah”.  This is the stage when the fight is over, the battle is won and the booty is secure. The soul is content with his or her Lord’s, Decrees and the Lord is pleased with him. This is the pinnacle of spirituality in Islam, the soul that is subdued, the love of its Lord overwhelming the love of anything and everything, even itself. Allah (SWT) says in Quran 13:28. “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.“O the soul that is in complete rest and satisfaction; Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased with yourself and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter then among My servants, and be honored to enter My Paradise!”

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In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassinate

Press Conference by Sheihu Salawatia Rashid Hussain Salwat



We praise and thank Allah (SWT) for this day and opportunity. I send my best and sincere Salutations to the Prophet and his household (SAW). I pray that Allah bless everyone here and hope that this Press Conference will be given serious thought.  May Allah Guide all of us and let the truth prevail.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I welcome you to this press conference and I pray that you will inform the entire world about the truth of the recent disturbances in the Tamale Metropolis. Before I provide you the details of this conference, I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to attend on a shorter notice.


You would recall that on Monday 20th of August 2012, there were reports in some sections of the media that Sheihu Salawatia (Imam Rashid) attacked the Ambariyya Mosque at a time congregational prayer was going on. What we have all read in the press is a complete diversion of what happened and I would like to make a humble request of your precious time to enable me take you through the whole matter. I know that all of you would like to hear my side of the incident and not only that but also the truth of the matter.


Gentlemen of the press let me first and foremost, commend the security agencies for the swift response and the high sense of professionalism they exhibited in this unfortunate situation, without them it would have been disastrous. Since then the Police and the Army have been patrolling the Metropolis and also keeping their eyes on the flash points.


The alleged attack

I wish to state categorically that I did not attack the Ambariyya Mosque as reported. As a Muslim, especially of my stature I know the mosque is the house of Allah (SWT), and will never attempt or venture to attack my fellow Muslim, let alone attacking a mosque. It is never true.


Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to take you through the scenario of that faithful day.


I was invited to the conclusion of the Interpretation of the Quran (Tafsir) 2012 at Aboabo. In the last five years or so I have participated in the event each time I am invited. When the occasion ended, some of the congregants decided to accompany me home as has always been the practice. We sang joyfully praising Allah (SWT) and the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW) from Aboabo to Gumani through Sakasaka. Let me add that, this was not an organised procession.


Earlier on, before I left home for the occasion, I had telephone calls informing me about road closures or barricades to deny me the right to pass through Saksaka to Aboabo. I spoke to Sheikh Al Hussein who was the convener of the function about the information I had. He told me he had received similar information and had informed the Police about it. We got to Aboabo safely and the ceremony ended successfully.


Our journey back home was peaceful; it was full of glee, pomp and pageantry as we praised Allah (SWT) and chanted praises to the Prophet of Islam (SAW) and His Household. This again is a normal practice because it was the same day we celebrated the Eid ul-Fitr.

Our happiness and joy was interrupted as we had to stop at approximately100 metres away to the main Ambariyya Mosque due to gunshots coming from the direction of the mosque; this disruption took between half a minute or so after which we continued. When we were close to the Ambariyya Mosque, there were stone throwing from the opposite side of the Mosque across the road but the assailants bolted after doing that. By the Grace of Allah no person was hurt, and we continued our journey smoothly to my residence.


I was informed later that some of the people who accompanied me home were ambushed and assaulted. These were innocent people who were victimised because they belonged to the Tijaniya sect. What I am aware is that the allegation that I led a group of people to attack the Ambariyya congregation was completely false and a malicious lie orchestrated to taint my hard won reputation as a renowned peace broker. I am literate and I understand what the law is and the consequences of breaking the law. I am naturally a disciplined person but I also had the opportunity to learn how to be disciplined and to uphold the principles of dignity as a commissioned officer of the Ghana Armed Forces.


Ladies and gentlemen, I have no ill feelings or bad blood against anybody to warrant any attack. The attention of Muslims who would have been otherwise contemplating on the 2012 Tafsir, now have their attention diverted from the main issues to the calculated disturbances.


The bone of Contention

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me make it categorically clear at this point that the bone of contention between the Ahl-Sunna and Tijaniya sects is not about the interpretation of the Quran as having been reported in a section of the media.

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