By the Spiritual Leader of the Salawatia Mission of Ghana, Sheihu Hussain Rashid Salwat


We praise and thank Allah (SWT) for giving us this great opportunity and is that He has bestowed on us good health and felicity and made provision for us to start and end the Ramadan with His Name. We thank Him for this golden opportunity and continue to thank Him for all the blessings He has bestowed on us. I send my sincere Salaats and heartfelt salutations upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Household. May Allah (SWT) bless them abundantly.

I start this sermon by advising myself and the entire Muslims Ummah not to quickly say goodbye to Ramadan 2012 as there are lots of lessons that we need to reflect over. Why should we immediately allow the essence of Ramadan to evaporate so quickly? I would like to remind you about some important things majority of Muslims did during the full month of fasting, a prescribed act of worship, which seeks to train the individual and the Muslim community as a whole, in Righteousness and Self-restraint.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, in order to achieve Righteousness and Self-restraint, the Muslim undergoes developmental stages in his life time and every Muslim should strive hard to develop his or herself to that highest stage, the stage of Righteousness and Self-restraint. Allah (SWT) has appointed Man as His Khalifah (vicegerent) in this world. He has invested in him with certain authority, and given him certain responsibilities and obligations. Allah (SWT) has endowed him with the best and most suitable physical frame for the fulfilment of the responsibilities and obligations. Fortunely, the Holy Quran mentions the three stages of journey the Soul should undergo.

1. The passionate and addicted Soul; “Nafs ul-Ammaara bisu’i”.  This stage is characterized by the individual giving precedence to his or her desires over the Truth. This is the elementary stage of Islam.

2. The self-accusing Soul. “Nafs ul-Lawwamah“. This is the stage where the soul has understood and accepted that it has no way to salvation except through absolute obedience to Allah and abiding by the principles of Islam. However, it is lacking in either strength of conviction, fighting constantly (spiritual jihad you may say) against the tides of desire and doubt.

3. The content Soul. “Nafs ul-Mutma’innah”.  This is the stage when the fight is over, the battle is won and the booty is secure. The soul is content with his or her Lord’s, Decrees and the Lord is pleased with him. This is the pinnacle of spirituality in Islam, the soul that is subdued, the love of its Lord overwhelming the love of anything and everything, even itself. Allah (SWT) says in Quran 13:28. “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.“O the soul that is in complete rest and satisfaction; Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased with yourself and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter then among My servants, and be honored to enter My Paradise!”

When you are in the first stage you are referred to as a Muslim – one who acts upon the pillars of Islam but at the same time is neglectful of many commands such as to abstain from vices i.e., smoking, lying, backbiting, etc. When you journey into the second stage you are referred to as a Mu’min – a believer who is aware that Allah is watching and does everything not for the Fear of Allah or Fear of punishment but for the sake of satisfying Allah and has the desire to give out so much charity to the needy. He strives to abstain from all kinds of sins for the sake of satisfying Allah. When you move into the third stage you are referred to as a Muhsin, the highest level of a believer, who does everything for the Love of Allah. He does not just follow Islam for the fear or only to satisfy but has become a Pure Lover of Allah and the Holy Prophet of Islam. He is honest, truthful, trustworthy, modest, patient, tolerant, punctual, kind, generous, forgiving, brave and hard working. A Muhsin increases the quality of his connection with Allah (SWT) and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Dear brothers and sisters in Islam Insha Allah, let us all strive and pray that Allah raises us up through the different levels of faith, from Muslim, to Mu’min and finally to Muhsin if we want to be the best in the sight of Allah and to attain the best degrees of the world and the hereafter. I have made these simple analyses to draw your attention to the Islamic social welfare system that has lost it purpose and essence and it is my responsibility as the Qutub to look at ways and means of awakening the Islamic spirit by reinventing and regenerating Islam as practiced by the Holy Prophet of Islam and his household. Why have we lost these values? Why are majority of Muslims all over the world in a deplorable condition? Why is Islam which means peace is now synonymous to terrorism? Why is it that every non Muslim can taunt and disrespect a Muslim? Why would a Muslim demean his fellow Muslim and even fight and kill one another?

The deprivation and dehumanisation of Muslims in the entire world gives me sleepless night and it is my responsibility as a Qutub to inform you that the situation we find ourselves is not the best. The issues and problems are caused and promoted by some Muslims. This is what informed our interpretation of the Quran this year. My objective was not to malign any section in our society or disrespect the views and opinions of others who attempted to interpret the Quran. I am a Qutub not only for the Salawatia congregation or for the people of Tamale but for the entire Ummah. Everyone needs to understand therefore that I have to play my roles and responsibilities as that. I cannot close my eyes to the misdeeds that are happening in the Muslim Ummah.


The main issues here are two.The first main issue called for what we call the Mubahala; an Islamic practice of settling disputes peacefully so that Allah (SWT) will settle the matter between disputing parties once and for all. So, on three different occasions during this year’s Ramadan 2012, I adopted the Islamic Mubahala practice of settling disputes. Let me take this opportunity to explain to you what Mubahala means. In Quran 3:61 Allah (SWT) says:


“If anyone disputes in any matter with you, after full knowledge has come to you, say: “Come and let us gather together – our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves – then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie!”


So Mubahala is the Islamic prescribed way of resolving religious disputes peacefully when the argumentations or contestations from both sides of a religious dispute fail to resolve an issue. The parties jointly or individually pray to Allah to cast His Curse on whichever of the two parties is false.


I did the Mubahala holding the Quran and on each occasion I had more than 600 individuals, men and women, children and adults that witnessed the process. I invoked the curse of Allah on myself not to see the end of Ramadan if what I am preaching is a lie and challenged the other disputing parties who are always in the lead to condemn the Tijanniya Practice of Islam to also do the Mubahala so that Allah (SWT) will settle the matter between us once and for all.


At this moment in time that I stand before you to brief you on the truth about the matter, we are yet to see any of the Ulamah coming forward to also inform his congregation that what they are also preaching is the truth. My action has now given other Muslims the world over the opportunity to appreciate that Tijanniya is the original, mainstream and authentic Islam practiced by the Prophet (SAW) and his Sahaabah. I survived this year’s Ramadan and no one has yet done the Mubahala to confirm their practice is right or my teachings are wrong.


The second issue as you are aware is of condemning the Tijaniyya Practise with a fabricated Hadith which could not be found in the most authentic Hadiths Books. This issue came with the reward of GHC 2,000.00 and two cars for any scholar who finds that Hadith. In fact no one has since come forward to prove me wrong and take the premium. That is a confirmation that the supposed Hadith by them is a fabrication. It says that the Prophet (SAW) left two main sources of Guidance namely the Quran and his Sunnah.


My fellow Muslims, we are in an election year and I entreat everyone to conduct themselves responsibly during this period. It is the responsibility of the politicians to be honest to their electorate in the effort to win political power. It is the responsibility of the electorate to conduct themselves peacefully. Remember that any of this two: the politician and the electorate who misconducts themselves is doing so at the peril of our current existing peace. Politicians must desist from using divisive slogans that will endanger the lives of the entire nation. Even as they desire to please their followers they must desist from using political platforms to divide homes, communities and the entire nation. Everyone must preach and practice peace for the 2012 elections. Politicians must dialogue and condemn wrong doing of their electorate and must not be aloof to dangerous things happening in our communities.


I pray for the Government of Ghana. I pray for all the chiefs and people of Dagbon. I pray for all the chiefs and people of Ghana. I pray for the prosperity of our dear country. I pray for a violence-free election for Ghana. I pray for peace for the entire world. I pray for all Muslims the world over. May Allah (SWT) bless us all.