The spiritual leader of the Salawatiya Muslim Mission, Sheikh Imam Hussein Rashid has taken a swipe at Dagbon scholars for engaging in media warfare to settle scores.

Describing the practice as senseless and undemocratic, he implored them to foster the development of the northern part of the country.

“The use of the media to settle personal scores in connection with the protracted Abudu and Andani chieftaincy dispute is a recipe for more violence,” he noted.

The Islamic leader noted that leaders from both sides of the divide have failed over the years to use dialogue to settle disputes.

Sheikh Imam Rashid, who is affectionately called Kutubu Zamaani, was responding to issues regarding numerous negative reports after some comments were made by representatives of both families.

The spiritual leader expressed dissatisfaction with the way Dagbon issues were being handled and called on Dagombas to repair the dented image of the Dagbon Kingdom.

He also challenged Dagombas to use their resources to educate their children to make them productive citizens of the country to eradicate the ‘Kayaaye” menace.