From Wise Donkor, Aflao

The Body of a 15-year-old chop bar attendant, Lawoe Pillarboney, has been found in an uncompleted building at Mifetukope-Viepe, a suburb of Aflao with her throat deeply slit with an instrument suspected to be a knife.

The girl was reported to have left home last Friday at about 4.00pm and did not return until her body was found on Saturday morning naked and lying in pool of blood with some more blood oozing out of the cut throat and through the vagina.

 Police sources hinted that considering the deep cut within Lawoe’s throat, the possibility of a ritual killing could not be ruled out.

 Residents were of the view that Lawoe’s throat was slashed to enable her killers get more blood for their alleged ritual purpose.

 The girl, believed to be a Togolese, according to sources, had been living with and helping her stepmother to operate a chop bar within the same vicinity at Aflao until that Friday morning when the stepmother reported her alleged disobedient o the father who was not staying with them but visited that morning.

 Probably running from the father’s punishment, Lawoe left home without returning until her body was found in the uncompleted building by a Youngman who had reportedly gone there to attend the nature’s call.

 Rumours had it that the said building was also a place where some wee smokers carried out their smoking activities.

 At the time of DAILY GUIDE’s visit, fear and anxiety could be seen on the faces of residents who did not mince words when they expressed views on the state of security in the busy border town which is the capital of Ketu South District.

 They raised concerns over the occult practices of people within the town, probably suggesting that such people might be responsible for the bizarre happenings in the town.

 Aflao has been in news in recent times for a myriad of bizarre situations, the most recent among them being the arrest of a 30-year old businessman and a 14-year-old boy for allegedly possessing two human skulls.

 Barely a month ago, a six-year-old primary-two pupil of Christ the King International School who was reportedly sent home for school fees was found buried in an uncompleted building at Avakime, a suburb of Aflao, with his uniform and shoes after going missing for three days.

 The murder of Lawoe, coupled with other strange happenings in town, has brought a self-imposed curfew on residents.

 Meanwhile, the body of Lawoe has been deposited at the Ketu District Hospital Morgue for autopsy.