I have watched the films ‘The Arrival’ with keen interest and wish to make the following comments with regards to the said films. In my candid opinion, I think putting together “The Arrival” is one of the greatest service and an all-inclusive reawaking project you have rendered to Islam and the totality of Muslims in this Century.

Firstly, the film is very educative and inspiring and it behooves on every sound minded person to watch these films. It is highly commendable to put together these films that portrayed the realities of what is happening behind the scenes. This is indeed an eye opener to people of the world and more particularly Muslims. My commendations! Bravo!! You have indeed done a great services to Islam by bringing to bear the significant differences between the two concepts Pharaoh verses Moses thus disbelieve verses believe in these films.

 In so far as the worship of Satan and Pharaohic concepts are so open and no more a secret and the establishment of the churches of Satan everywhere in the world, I will humbly suggest that every episode of “the Arrival” begins with these three verses from Surah Yasin.  The Quran talks about this subject of satanic worship by quoting the Creator. In Quran, 36:60-62, Allah says;

“Did I not enter in a covenant with you, Oh Children of Adam, (Mankind) that you should not worship Satan; because he is an open enemy to you? “And that you should worship Me and that is the Straight Path? “Satan did lead astray many great generations before you. Do you not understand?”


‘The Arrival’ is indeed drawing the attention of Muslims of the world as to what is currently happening behind the scenes, which by no means affect Islam and the generality of Muslims, hence the libels imposed on us. In parts 12 and 13 of the films where the unity of the Muslims has been emphasized and the need for Muslims coming together practically to fight a common enemy should have been projected to the conclusion of the film. One unique thing about Islam and also the miraculous nature of the Quran is that, the Quran forecasts the future and talks about the present and its forecast comes to pass in reality and practically.


However, the discourse between Fir’oun and Musah (AS) as portrayed in part five (5) of the film would have been completed if the claim by Fir’oun that ‘he was god’ was highlighted the more. The reason being that, the subject matter here is the worship of Satan and Pharaohic concepts which led Pharaoh into deep arrogance until he imposed and maintained himself as a god.


Quran, 28:38.

Pharaoh said: “Oh Elders! I do not know for you (teach you) any god but myself. However, Oh Haman, bake bricks for me out of clay, and build me a tall tower, that I may climb up to the top to the God of Moses, but as far as I am concerned I think he is a liar!” Under the circumstance here is when the Freemasonry and Pharoahnic symbols of towers come in. The towers are meant to belie the very existence of Allah the Almighty as stated by Pharaoh in the above passage “I think he (Musah) is a liar”. So the Pharaohic and Freemasonry towers are indicators to the effect that “there is no god, and Lucifer in the ruler”.


Quran, 79: 15-24.

“Go to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds. “And say to him; ‘would you like to be purified from your sin? And that I guide you to your Lord, to be duty bound to Him?’ Then Moses showed him the Great Sign. But Pharaoh rejected the guidance and disobeyed. He further turned his back, striving hard against Allah. He immediately gathered his people and made a proclamation saying, “I am your Lord, the most high.”


Under the circumstance as it is rightly said in the film, ‘The Christians will say the Mahdi of the Jews is the anti-Christ. The Jews will say the Mahdi of the Christians is the anti-Christ, the Jews and the Christians will say the Mahdi of the Muslims is the anti-Christ and the Ahli as-Sunna will also say, the Mahdi of the Shi’at is the anti-Christ, then Shi’at will also say the Mahdi of the Ahli as-Sunnat is the anti-Christ.


In my opinion as an Islamic scholar, these further deepen the differences and create further divisions amongst Muslims. And as it has been rightly portrayed in the films, part 8 which lays emphasis on what is unique about Islam and the worship concept common to all Muslims such as the five daily prayers, the fast of the month of Ramadan, Performing same Hajj to Makkah, giving same Zakat as stated in the Quran, having same believe in the Oneness of Allah, the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet (SAW). And that our differences are as a result of the imposition of the enemy by libeling us with names and devising the tactics of divide and rule.


Muslims therefore must know that they have a common enemy and they are the ‘Satanic believers’ who worship other gods beside Allah the Almighty.


“The identification of a problem is about ¾ the solution to the problem”. The identification of our common enemy as Muslims, given us ¾ of the solution and these should serve as unifying force and we should be very united as Muslims and not be divided.


The concluding part of the film should have portrayed the unity of Muslims and later when we are united then we can iron out our differences among us by ourselves. I think the tremendous efforts and the up-hill task that Abdallah Hashem and Noreaga endured was to awaken Muslims to the reality of the enslavement of us by our common enemy, which should automatically unite us and set us free. So therefore to end the film with a Harry Potters films to exemplify the coming of the Mahdi contradicts the Nobel intention of ‘the Arrival’. Harry Potter’s films advocate the Satanic and Luciferian worship.