The Tijaaniya Muslim sect in Tamale has congratulated President Barrack Hussein Obama on his successful inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America.

The organization also commended the good people of the United States of America for electing a Blackman as their leader who the entire world looks up to contribute to the realization of peace on earth.

In a statement by Sheikh Imam Hussein Rashid, a spiritual leader of the Tijaaniya Muslim sect in Tamale dubbed, “A message of peace to the world,” stated that President Obama’s elevation to that high office has prophesized that the USA had woken up to the truth which is an indication that America has set a positive precedence for the rest of the world to follow.

Sheikh Imam Rashid stated that the prophecy of the exaltation of the Blackman in global affairs was enshrined in the philosophy of the Tijaaniya faith which he conveyed in a book he authored in the year 2005 under the title, “The African identity.”

According to him, it was further captured in the book that not too long from that time, a Blackman would be given the opportunity to lead the world through  transparent and democratic means which he indicated had manifested in Barrack Obama’s Presidency.

Sheikh Imam Rashid however advised President Obama to see himself as an intergenerational world leader who Allah has chosen above all imaginations to transform the world into a mini paradise.

He thereby urged President Obama to live in peace with all nations of the world by discarding squandering of resources for global conflicts and also create a better understanding between the USA and all races of the world.

The Tijaniya sect had earlier observed prayer and fasting sessions and as well fed three hundred and thirteen Orphans in the Tamale Metropolis during the period of Ramadan for peaceful elections in Ghana .