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The spiritual leader and chief Imam of Salawatiya mission Sheik Imam Rashid Kutubu has said that America has woken-up to the truth and set a precedence for the world to follow. 

“After Colin Powell served as the commander in chief of the United State Army, Condollesa Rice, secretary of state and some exception feast set by Martin Luther King Junior and other blackmen, America is rest assured that, a blackman will transform this present world into a mini paradise.” 

Sheik Imam Rashid wrote this in a book titled: our African Identity which he authored in the year 2005. Our African identity asserts to historical and archaeological findings, that point to the fact that the blackman has presided over most human civilization including present day twenty first century technology and development. 

Recounting some great kingdoms and kings some two thousand five hundred years ago, from the Nubian king of Africa, Hanibal the conqueror to present time King Sallasie, the first of Ethiopia, President Nkrumah of Ghana and others, “Our black identity” concludes on the note that a blackman is set to lead the world into peace and prosperity. 

In an interview with Diamond Fm, Imam Rashid currently on a research tour in England, in connection with the writing following these prophesies, it come as no surprise to him when a blackman in the person of Barrack  Husein Obama assuming the presidency in America. 

There is no gainsaying that, the blackman is especially warm, hospitable and religious and these are bound to reflect in the new leadership. 

“I am embarking on this research tour to find an accurate result of what can be done to save mankind from the dangers of Bermuda triangle, which has cause havoc to humanity. I promise to leave that legacy before I die,” he said. 

Noted for his spiritual powers and prophesies, he prophesized again that, the year 2009 will record a lot of deaths, among leaders including politicians, religious leaders, chiefs among others and that, there will be fire outbreaks as well as wind storms in most parts of the world.

Imam Rashid also a peace activist, reiterated the need for peace and unity in Ghana, and therefore made a passionate appeal to the youth to eschew their differences and rather fight against poverty, illiteracy, corruption and laziness, which he sees to be the stumbling block of the country’s prosperity.