5 DEC. 2008

Imams of the various Muslim sects in the Tamale Metropolis, have urged political party leaders, Electoral Commission, security agencies and electorate to ensure that the December 7, general elections were held in a peaceful atmosphere devoid of violence.

The Imams, most of whom had not met for the past 40 years because of their doctrinal differences, made the call on Thursday after a three–day fasting and recitation of the Holy Quran for peaceful elections and reconciliation among the political, religious and traditional leaders of Dagbon in Tamale on Thursday.

The religious sects included: the Ambariya Sunni, the Tijaniya, the Ahlul-Bait and the Al-Sunni Wal-jamaa.

Prayers were said at the instance of Imam Hussien Rashid of the Salawatia Mosque, which also brought together most of the chiefs of Dagbon of the Adudus and the Adanis.

The Quran was recited 45 times during the three day fast for spiritual intervention in Dagbon and the entire country for peace and prosperity.

Sheik Hussein Zakaria, one of the spiritual leaders of the Tamale Central Mosque called on the EC to ensure free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections.

He particularly advised the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to fan violence.

Imam Zakaria and Rashid called for an end to preaching that incites their followers against one another and stress the need for mutual respect for their doctrinal differences and peaceful co-existence.

Imam Rashid threw a challenge to the chiefs of Dagbon to also strive to resolve their differences through dialogue saying that it was only Dagombas who could solve their problems.

Alhaji Mustapha Ali Idris, Northern Regional Minister commended the Imams for burying their differences and coming together to pray for the peace of the country.

He urged chiefs in Dagbon to emulate the example of the Imams and come together to foster unity and peace for the development of Dagbon.

Source: GNA