Two weeks ago, I visited Karga on the Tamale Gushegu road as part of my Preaching activities and to acquaint my self with problems confronting Muslims. I spent a day in Karga. On the 5th of Nov. 2007 I visited Wundu.This is a Muslim Village off the road to Gambaga, as part of my preaching activities. I spent the night at Wudu and proceeded to Lingbensi to see the welfare of the Muslims. From there I proceeded to Walewale and spent the second night. We preached peace and Religious tolerance to the Muslims.

11th Nov. 2007. I visited the Muslim community in Kumbungu.

16th Nov.2007 I visited Gushegu as part of my preaching activities and also to acquaint my self with their problems. I spent the night in Gushegu. All these trips, I was accompanied by Sheihu Dalhu ,Sheihu Al-Husein Zakaria and Salawatia Muslim Scholars.

I intend visiting Bimbila, Wilingsi and Salaga Next Week.